Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Apple doubles in Holway portfolio

One of the joys of leaving Ovum was freeing myself from the usual constraints on share ownership that applies to analysts. In January, I bought a new portfolio of shares and I have reported on its progress regularly.

Today marked a very special milestone as my Apple shares are now double what I paid for them!Logic says I should sell. But logic said I should have sold when the gain had reached 50%.

Indeed, as of today, the “Holway portfolio" is showing a 16% gain since 1st Jan 08. The other best performers are Axon (up 44%), RCM Technology Trust (where I am a director – see previous posts - up 22%), Vodafone (up 19%) and Capita (up 10%). All the rest are single digit gains except….

I’ve admitted to buying Blinkx on their IPO but it was a very “small holding”. I moved out of EDS, after suffering a 20% fall, into Sage – which has managed a 6% fall since I bought them a month back!

But overall, a 16% gain is pretty satisfying as a first attempt at this investing lark. Even better return than the Northern Rock. Just had my pension statement where the managed fund has managed a mere 3% growth this year.

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