Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Tech "safe haven in the gathering storm" - Part 5

Commentators are using yesterday's results from IBM and Intel as examples of Tech resilience on display . As the guys from Businessweek conclude "It all depends on what the consumers do over the holiday period". I think I might have said something like that myself many times before recently. As you know, my concluusion is that consumers are more likely to give up going out than the gadgets that entertain them at home. But, I suppose if your home gets repossessed, the argument wears a little thin.

In other words as they stand I think tech WILL be a safe haven in the storm. But if the storm gets very much worse, tech will get blown away too.

Footnote - Writing all this about 'storms' brings back memories of the hurricane which hit our garden 20 years ago yesterday. It was a wipe out. We were told to leave many of the trees where they fell. Some have regrown and and are quite mature now. Others have provided habitats for many of the garden's wildlife. In other areas, the new tree planting is looking good again. Although it was terrible at the time, actually today the garden looks better as a result of "God's own pruning".

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