Friday, 11 January 2008

Facebook to get more 'business-friendly" features?

Many readers have asked if I ever got a reply to my Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg that I sent back in Sept 07. The answer is...No. But at least it appears that he might be taking action on the main point I raised.

According to StrategyEye today Facebook is rumoured to be about to launch a new Friends List function. This would "allow a range of privacy controls to be exercised, allowing users to set the visibility for their profile, uploaded photos, and installed apps using their Friend List as a basis for letting users choose what each group of their friends can see. The move would also make the site a more valid option for businesses that have so far been limited by the ability to prevent business clients and associates from seeing private Facebook data or information related to other clients."

Exactly what I asked for.

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