Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sinking feeling

Yet another week of pretty significant share price falls. NASDAQ down 2.6% (16.6% YTD), Teckmark down 2.5% (8.1% YTD), FTSE SCS down 2.4% (11.6% YTD). FTSE Telcom down even more at 5.4% (18.2% YTD) with Fixed Line down 6.1% (19.6% YTD)

Holway’s Tech Portfolio has done even worse – down 18.5% YTD with Apple (2007’s BEST performer) now the worst (down 38.9% YTD) But, as readers may remember, I converted most of my gains into cash last Oct (not quite at the peak but still a VERY wise move as it turned out)

The BEST performer in the Holway Tech Portfolio is Capita (no change YTD) On the other hand, Capita’s CEO, Paul Pindar, always complains to me when I refer to Capita as a tech stock.

I wish I could say I thought we had reached the bottom – but I can’t!

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