Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Logica fills McKenna's shoes

Logica has appointed ex-Unisys Europe head Jean-Marc Lazzari to replace outgoing ex-COO, Jim McKenna as head of its new Outsourcing Services division. Lazzari will be based in Paris.

I guess my first impressions were that Unisys is hardly the best example of a successful IT outsourcing operation and that Paris is hardly the centre of the European outsourcing universe. On the otherhand, perhaps the real opportunities for Logica lie in mainland Europe - rather than in the mature and highly developed UK ITO (and BPO) markets. Lazzari has a big job and one that is crucial to Andy's plans for Logica. Lazzari has to knit together Logica's fragmented outsourcing delivery into a cohesive unit, blend it with offshore, and then make it work seamlessly with its onshore-based consulting and systems integration activities.

Big ask, Big task. As a Logica shareholder, I hope he's up to the job!

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Jean Marc Lazzari said...

Richard, I was interested to read your comments about the challenges facing the Outsourcing services division at Logica.

Can't comment in much detail now but I see a great opportunity to build a strong pan european outsourcing practice, focused on meeting the needs of Logica's customers with the best blend of resources from around the world. Being based in Paris has as much to do with the potential of that market as it has with the fact that Logica is moving towards a matrixed organisation with outsourcing services leading the way and creating a truly European management team.

I am very much up to the challenge and look forward to working with Andy and the rest of the team to maximise value for Logica's clients, people and shareholders alike (youself included!).