Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Holway in a quandry

My iPhone 2.0 piece yesterday created a fair amount of interest. Although most of it was of the "I'm going to get one now too" variety, I did get a fair smattering of "Don't" too.

Simon Ainslie, who heads Nokia UK, had already told me to "hang on for the Nokia E71". More details of this have now been announced. See picture. It also will be 3G, WiFi, GPS, camera etc - and it has a QWERTY keyboard too. Available second half of 2008 - so I'd have to wait even longer!

Other alternative is the Blackberry Bold - with similar wait. All the smart phones now have a similar range of features to the new iPhone 2.0. I think it now comes down to:

1 - Do you want a QWERTY keyboard? Can you really manage on a touchscreen?

2 - Can I live with O2 (only choice on the iPhone)or should I stick with Vodafone as a carrier which has served me so well both in terms of its extensive UK coverage and abroad?

3 - Do you want a 'sexy' device like the iPhone or a more staid looking E71 or Bold.

If only life wasn't so complex!


Ravi Kumar said...

nearly 20 years of using mobile phones, I've always stuck with Nokia devices. I use E70 currently, not great device, Nokia need to convince me that E71 will do proper job!.. iphone2.0 is certainly tempting!

Catrina Neale said...

Go 'sexy' Richard lifes too short to be 'staid'...

AdrianR said...

4 - Battery life? No point in an all singing all dancing mobile gizmo if it doesn't last between power points. Well, not until someone gets wireless charging working at least.