Monday, 9 June 2008

My iPhone 2.0

It's been a tough year. As readers know, I've been raving about the iPhone for a long, long time - but I always said "I never buy a V1.0 of any Apple product". Now the wait is over. I will be first in the queue for an iPhone 2.0 on 11th July.

It's now, pretty much, got everything I always wanted and the price has fallen considerably too. 3G, camera, GPS etc. Indeed, I now wonder if I wasted my time and money buying a SatMap a few months back. Could OS 1:25,000 maps come to my iPhone?

O2 has, this morning, announced that, in the UK, customers choosing either £45 or £75 per month tariffs will get the new 8GB iPhone 3G for free. It will cost £99 for those on a new £30 per month tariff. The 16GB model will be free for those on a £75/month tariff, rising to £159 for lower tariffs. It will also be available to Pay & Go customers, with pricing still to be announced, and to business users

I have little doubt that the new iPhone will accelerate the move to mobile internet -as I discuss in the My Generation post below. I also think that Apple has done enough with the new iPhone to really break into the Enterprise market big time. They seem to have removed almost all of the obstacles to any company saying "No iPhone, you can only have a Blackberry".

But I don't think Research in Motion should have sleepless nights. Indeed their share price finished yesterday up 2% - compared with a 2% decline for Apple. The iPhone will just massively enlarge the whole smart phone market. Even my wife wants one now.

Thanks, Steve. Can't wait until July. I'm sure the wait will have been worth it.

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