Wednesday, 9 July 2008

No iPhone for Holway...yet

In answer to the deluge of readers wanting to know if I have secured my 3G iPhone (see 11th June 08 - Holway in a quandary), I'm afraid the answer is "not yet". It looks as if the device is a complete sellout and I have no intention of queuing at an O2 shop early Friday morning. It is interesting that so, so many Apple fans have actually taken the advice I have long offered to "Never buy a Version One Apple product". The demand for the 3G version outstrips the demand for V1 by many times.

The switch from mobile to smartphone is now well under way. This year c11% of handsets will be smartphones (up 29% on 2007) but this will grow to c19% in 2009. It's likely to top 30% by 2010. The iPhone is actually doing a lot of good to RIM (Blackberry) by boosting the whole market. There are now an impressive set of new smartphones in the offing in the next few months - the Nokia N71 and Blackberry Bold being the most interesting.

My desire not to queue means that I will have a bit longer to deliberate my purchase.

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