Thursday, 6 November 2008

"Ahead in the Clouds"

(By Richard Holway) It’s rare for a national newspaper to feature IT in its leader column. It’s even rarer to link IT with the most important global story of the day. And it’s downright unique for the subjects to be those that have featured more in HotViews since its inception than any other. But that’s what happened today/6th Nov 08 in The Times. I do commend you to read Ahead in the clouds. Indeed I wish I had written it myself.

The Times links Barack Obama’s use of the internet (see my Obama post yesterday) and the advent of Cloud Computing (see my many posts of which MyTop would be a good start or download the pdf of Revolution or Evolution)

The Times leader article ends as follows:

Cloud computing will define the next 20 years of the IT industry. Barack Obama understood well the power of the internet to galvanise voters. To win in 2012, he and his Republican rival may both be campaigning on the ground, but they will need to have their heads firmly in the clouds

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