Wednesday, 10 December 2008

David Courtley departs Fujitsu Services

(By Richard Holway) It has just been confirmed that David Courtley has left Fujitsu Services where he was CEO.

Courtley joined what was then ICL as COO in 2001 when Richard Christou was CEO. Courtley joined from EDS. He was appointed CEO 2004, when Christou became Exec Chairman. Christou has recently taken on responsibility for all of Fujitsu's operations outside of Japan (See my 22nd Oct 08 post Richard Christou) and, indeed, is overseeing the integration of Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC) which will become wholly owned by Fujitsu from next April. (See One head better than two at FSC)

I have to admit to some surprise over this departure. I could have 'understood' it if it had been occasioned when Fujitsu Services withdrew from the NPfIT contract (see my 29th May 08 post Fujitsu pulls out of NPfIT) which clearly cost the company a great deal of money (like £300m) and lost reputation. But, if you overlook the NHS, Fujitsu Services seems to have performed quite well. Indeed, my ex colleagues at Ovum only today put out a glowing report- Think globally, act locally: Fujitsu to use Fujitsu services as a global model.

I am seeing Richard Christou tomorrow and hope to be able to bring you further insight after that.

For the record, the internal Fujitsu release from Richard Christou on David's departure read as follows:

"After seven years of success with Fujitsu Services, and with the planned future developments of the Fujitsu Global Business Group, David Courtley has decided that the time is now right for him to seek new challenges elsewhere.

David will therefore be stepping down as CEO and will be leaving the Company on 31st December 2008.

After joining the Company in 2001, David played a leading role in the development of Fujitsu Services, which has become recognised as a major player in the European IT market. On behalf of everyone at Fujitsu Services, I would like to thank David for his contribution and dedication to the Company and to offer him our very best wishes for the future.

Following David’s departure, I will resume the management responsibility for Fujitsu Services, acting as Executive Chairman. David’s direct reports will now report to me. Our relationships with our customers will of course continue uninterrupted as before, and we will continue to fulfil our commitments to them and provide them with our usual standard of impeccable service. In this respect nothing has changed. It is business as usual."

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