Sunday, 14 December 2008

FTSE100 SITS companies

(By Richard Holway) This week saw the quarterly FTSE review and, in particular, the “who’s in and who’s out” of the FTSE100. This was of particular interest to see if Autonomy could last longer than one quarter (their ‘record’ the last time they were in the FTSE100 in 2000!) But they retained their place this time with ease.

It was also interesting that Serco entered the FTSE100. We often cover Serco on UKHotViews as they are very much in the BPO space and, of course, bought one of our long-established SITS companies – ITNet – a few years back.

So, in our SITS ‘universe’ we now have FOUR FTSE100 stocks – Autonomy, Capita, Sage and Serco.

Just to prove that not every investment decision would be showing major losses this year, both Capita and Autonomy are showing (minor) gains since the start of 2008. Indeed, the two others have faired better than the dismal 37% slump in the FTSE100. A basket of all these four stocks would be down ‘just’ 7% in 2008. I know many, many investors who would class that as a major result!

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