Wednesday, 17 December 2008

God not appearing at MacWorld - Part 2

(By Richard Holway) Further to my post yesterday - Jobs pulls out of MacWorld , Apple shares are down 6% today and the rumour mill is in overdrive.

Best quote of the day is from Time magazine saying it "was about as shocking as hearing that Barack Obama would be skipping the Inauguration and sending Joe Biden in his stead".

Footnote - I see I got quoted in Murad Ahmed's article on the subject in The Times today (18th Dec 08) - Health fears return after Apple reveals that Jobs will give MacWorld a miss. TechMarketView media namechecks are increasing significantly - as indeed is our readership which has increased three-fold in the last three months. Amazing stuff!

TechMarketView is now a major INFLUENCER on the UK tech scene. The more influence you have, the more readers you get and the more influence you have and.... so on and so on until you inherit the earth and possibly start to make some money!

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