Thursday, 15 January 2009

Google joins the job-cutters

(By Richard Holway) Although it is only 100 jobs worldwide, the news today (see Telegraph – Google to cut 100 recruitment jobs) that Google is joining the job cutters club is significant. Firstly it shows that even today’s strongest tech company is not immune from the economic downturn. But it is the portent for the future that is most chilling. Google is cutting its recruiters – saying that it will have much less need for new such skills in a future where fewer new staff will be needed. Google was one of the most popular destinations for graduates (and many others job seekers).

The job loss news seems to be coming thick and fast right now with IT jobs up there with the rest. Rumours abound of large layoff programmes at several of the global tech leaders – including IBM. Nortel filing for bankrupcy yesterday threatens 2000 jobs in the UK alone. Anyone who had thought that tech would emerge unscathed by this recession (and there still appear to be some!) are and were clearly living in la-la land.

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