Thursday, 15 January 2009

Micro Focus interview

(By Richard Holway) Interesting interview in the FT today - Arcane lines of code hold key for the future success of Micro Focus – withone of our favourites – Stephen Kelly CEO at Micro Focus.

We really are in ‘Make do and Mend’ territory now in which Micro Focus is well positioned. All downturns do have winners as well as losers. Micro Focus was one of a very few SITS companies to record a share price increase in 2008. Their double-digit growth forecast for 2009 bodes well for the coming year too.

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Martin Fincham said...

If any HotViews readers are too young to recall the original Make Do & Mend campaign and are thus left wondering how this phrase relates to reusing IT assets, then check-out this post on my blog: Hey, Make Do & Mend Mister!